Programmers, tools and information for car radio decoding and all  skilled European experts in car(auto) radio decoding and more
                    Welcome to the AutoradioDecoding web site.
There are not so many resources showing this subject.
Not enough of pages - which really  contain the useful information .
Therefore (despite of natural modesty) I have decided to create all this
If you  do not understand a subject (what is it AutoradioDecoding) -click here.
Here  are no ready decisions on car decoding. Here the useful information for beginning. And there are a lot of links on  subject. Some manufacturers to exclude decoding the devices mask microcircuits of memory and microcontrollers by insidefactory name here you can look some demasking EEPROM's and MCU's .
decoding     European  Repair  digital car stereo decoding digital car radio decodes  All skilled European experts in car(auto) radio decoding and more  programmers eeprom rom hc6805 hc6811 experts in car(auto) radio
On page " INFO " there is a most initial information.
Would be glad to your help ( offers, advices, ideas)  to develop  page
In future I plan to create FAQ. It will exclude a lot of simple questions.
In FAQ will be there are questions and answers on a subject
(information to Car Radios decoding ,dumps, eeprom, MCU...).
About 60% of the text assembled in various conferences.
This pages are created only for exchange information for decoding car audio. On page   EXCHANGE  am possible look the information which I can to offer for an exchange.  Section    PROGRAMMERS  consists of the link, in the future I shall be glad to place your own development tools if with you there is no home page.
In any case look, keep smile and  do not  judge strongly for blunt jokes .

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